• Camdrone

    Electronics  ICT  Others 

    Industry | other: drones;
  • JAVOTEC Jarosław Wojtak

    Automatics  Biotechnology  Energy  Others 

    Industry | others: oil&gas, pharma;

    Automtion, technologies, consulting
    20 years of experience
  • Ogólnopolska Spółdzielnia Agencyjna „OSA”


    Insurance specialists.
  • Geo International Polska Sp. z o. o.


    Industry | other: export outsourcing of products and innovative techologies;

    Thanks to the latest sales tools and international networking, we are able to quickly and effectively reach potential distributors for our partners' products and services.

    Knowledge-based and fully professional, we adopt viable export solutions for our clients.
  • AronPharma Sp. z o.o.


    AronPharma Laboratory
    Ul. Kujawska 28
    81-862 Sopot
  • A&A Concierge Sp. z o.o.


    Industry | other: turist accommodation;

    The WindRose Residence - Luxury ApartHotel
    short and long-term rental apartments.
  • Malanet sp. z o.o.


  • RTE Poland Sp z o. o.

    Automatics  Others 

  • K2 Solutions

    ICT  Others 

    Industry | others: maritime economy, water transport;

    The foundation aims to promote regional, national and European economic development. We are focused on implementing innovative solutions in the maritime economy, inland navigation, national and European transport systems, environmental protection and other related areas.
  • Labwag


  • AMT Sp. z o.o.

    Automatics  Electronics 

  • Studio Filmowe M5

    Automatics  Electronics  Others 

    Industry | other: Ai, video digital content;
  • Polish Space Agency


    Industry | other: state administration

    Other information to be posted on the website (specify):

    Polish Space Agency (POLSA) was established by the Act of Parliament of26 September 2014. The mai n task of POLSA is to support the Polish space industry and academia by bringing business and science together. 
    The Agency collaborates with other space agencies and public administration on outer space exploration and use. 

    POLSA runs projects outlined in the Polish Space Strategy, such as the national space situational awareness system, a programme of dedicated applications for public administration, and, as part of the Agency's educational activities, a programme aimed at developing highly qualified professionals who can work in the space sector. 

    POLSA actively supports the development of satellite technologies that can be used in everyday life, incl. farming, forestry, land and maritime transportation, environmental monitoring, crisis management and weather forecasting. 

    One of POLSA's top priorities is to support the Polish space industry by helping companies increase their competitiveness on the European market and obtain funds from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Commission.

    Furthermore, POLSA is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the National Space Programme (KPK). lt will encompass a number of tools and mechanisms that will enable Poland's full engagement in ESA's missions and programmes, and will help achieve the goals and meet the needs identified in the Polish Space Strategy.
  • Byotta

    Automatics  Electronics  Energy  ICT  Others 

    Byotta's goal is to provide high-quality engineering products and services. The company specializes in cooling systems and battery technologies. Byotta offers services in the field of mechanical, electronic and software engineering - from design to delivery of a finished solution compliant with standards.

    Industry | other: battery technologies, cooling technologies
  • Stowarzyszenie Robotyków SKALP

    Automatics  Electronics  Others 

    Industry | others: robotics;


    Existing since 2004, PIRXON SA specializes in the production of software that automates and optimizes business processes. The company's solutions improve work and enable cost and risk reduction. PIRXON offers copyright systems for asset management and inventory (AssetsNinja) and receivables and credit risk management (SmartReactor). It also creates dedicated software RPA robots (Robotic Process Automation). Pirxon Robot, or robots created as part of the solution, are widely used in back-office processes in many industries and roles, including in finance, logistics, human resources and sales. Pirxon Robot received an award in the BPM Leader category (Business Process Management) during the IT Future Expo in 2019. PIRXON SA also specializes in the development of augmented reality (AR) technology and offers dedicated AR mobile applications for business (Pirxon ARtech).

    PIRXON carries on regular RPA and AR research and development activities.
  • Gemini Hutter sp. z o.o.


    Gemini Hutter sp. z o.o. is a company which operates pharmacy in place as well as the largest Polish online pharmacy - serving over 200 thousand orders monthly, which equals to about two thirds of postał deliveries to patients in Poland.
  • Energy Management Systems Sp. z o.o.

    Automatics  Energy  ICT 

    Energy Management Systems Sp. z o.o. is a consulting company consisting of academics and graduates of the Gdańsk University of Technology from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automation. Our employees are specialists with knowledge and skills supported by many years of experience in the sector of electricity. We specialise in supporting investors in the field of combined heat and power (cogeneration) and renewable energy sources: wind, sun, biomass.
  • Blirt S.A.


  • Recepton Sp. z o.o.


    RECEPTON  is a biotech company focused on cancer immunotherapy, the process of mobilizing the immune system to kill cancer.  
    In particular, we have designed:

    - drug discovery platform composed of a broad portfolio of the recombinant  immune checkpoint receptors, chemistry synthetic and biophysical methods of rational drug design, cell-based assays, preclinical studies that aim at developing new types of small-molecule inhibitors for the immune checkpoint blockade (ICB)

    - protein engineering platform for the development of a new generation of multifunctional therapeutic fusion proteins with increased potency for T cell activation and recognition of multiple cancer cells


    Industry | others: construction;

    Civil engineer Dariusz Glaza was professionally associated with the largest German manufacturer of balcony thermal connectors between 2005 and 2017. The skills of building relationships with clients and the accumulated capital of technical knowledge he has gained allowed him to start working on the TIPOMEGA ® system in 2017. Together with a group of friends including designers of building structures, construction managers, investor supervision inspectors and scientists of a national technical university, he has developed a new thermal balcony connectors technology. The team has created the theoretical background and conducted a series of tests and laboratory tests in 2018. As a result, the Institute of Building Technology in Warsaw has issued National Technical Assessment in 2019, allowing the use of the TIPOMEGA ® system.

    The TIPOMEGA® system has been registered at the European Patent Office (EPO) and the TIPOMEGA® trademark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).
  • AT Systems sp. z o.o.

    Automatics  Energy 

    Branże | pozostałe: automatyka / elektrotechnika / teletechnika

    Przedsiębiorstwo od wielu lat działa w branży elektrycznej, automatyki przemysłowej i teletechniki. Wykonuje różnego rodzaju instalacje elektryczne i sieci energetyczne. Firma specjalizuje się także w projektowaniu i wdrażaniu systemów automatyki przemysłowej i budynkowej oraz systemów telemetrycznych i teletechnicznych.
  • Inero Software


    We create digital products of tomorrow. We unleash business innovation potential using cutting-edge technologies and design. We repair, re-brand, re-design – we develop. We identify key areas of action, where we can make impact and discover opportunities to create new value for our customers.
  • Byte Barrel sp. z o.o.


    We are Byte Barrel, a team of young, ambitious developers who make their games with passion. We're interested in making titles that feel unique, that have fun mechanics, and that stick with you for a long time.
  • ARSYS Sp. z o.o.

    Automatics  ICT 

    ARSYS is a company was founded in 2020, which specializes in creating software supporting production processes in industry: product traceability, quality control systems, vision systems.

    We also design, build and integrate HMI panels, assembly stations, laser marking stations, and test stations.
  • VisionX

    Automatics  ICT 

    VisionX delivers customized vision inspection systems and automated solutions that are tailored to meet your specific request.