Maritime Competencies Programme

The Gdańsk Science and Technology Park, in cooperation with the Department of Environmental Protection of the Maritime Institute, has been implementing its own project “Maritime Competencies” since October 2018. The aim of the project is to support young people in choosing further education paths, as well as to bring them closer to the scope of activity of the laboratory specializing in research for maritime economy.

The offer is addressed in particular to the last grade students of primary schools, and secondary schools who are interested in maritime matters.
The meetings are held every Tuesday throughout the entire school year. During the visits, the students have the opportunity to:
  • see how the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park operates,
  • learn about the capabilities and tasks of the Environmental Protection Department of the Maritime Institute, 
  • see the work of a chemical analyst – a visit to the Maritime Institute,
  • find out what type of people are in demand on the labour market connected with maritime economy,
  • learn about the rules for setting up start-ups and their operation.
The project comes under the Honorary Patronage of the Pomerania Authority for Education.