Project SOVtBAL

Project title

„Hybrid-powered low emission autonomous/semi-autonomous vessels for servicing off-shore wind farms”

A seed money project  implemented under the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020, Priority axis 2 - Exploiting the environmental and cultural potential of the South Baltic area for the blue and green growth Objective 3 - Improve the quality and environmental sustainability of transport services in the South Baltic area.

Project number: STHB.03.01.00-22-S216/21-00

Contact Person

Anna Zielińska - Project Coordinator
+48 603 700 010
Project Partners: 
  1. Gdańsk University of Technology (Leader) - Poland;
  2. Polish Naval Academy of the Heroes of Wersterplatte - Poland;
  3. Klaipeda University - Lithuania;
  4. Linnaeus University - Sweden; 
  5. Pomeranian Special Economic Zone / Gdańsk Science and Technology Park – Poland;
  6. University of Applied Science Stralsund – Germany.

Project goal:

The seed money project is intended to facilitate the process of preparation of full-scale projects to be implemented and financed under the Interreg South Baltic Programme regular calls for proposals. It aims at stimulating the development of high-quality projects and serves as an incentive for potential beneficiaries to convince local decision-makers to develop a project idea, as the respective costs are co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Main activities within the project: 
  • Organization of the cross-border workshops that will be held at the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park.
  • Creation of a project concept for a planned regular project, which will consist in producing a concept design for an autonomous or semi-autonomous , ecological hybrid-driven vessel, supporting the operations of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea and other seas. t/he proposed craft will be designed as a Service Operational Vessel with all the legal documents required. 

Project total budget: 40 000 EUR

Co-funding: 33 400 EUR

PSEZ total budget: 11 500 EUR

Co-funding: 9 775 EUR (85%)

Own contribution: 1 725 EUR (15 %)

Implementation period: 01.07.2022 - 31.10.2022

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