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The SOVtBAL Cross-Border Workshops were held in Gdańsk Science and Technology Park on 21st-22nd September 2022. The event was also broadcast online to interested parties to reach as many stakeholders as possible, given the lack of possibility to attend the event in Gdańsk. The organizer of the two-day event was Pomeranian Special Economic Zone Ltd. - Partner No. 5 of the project consortium closely cooperating with the project Leader - Gdańsk University of Technology, and other project partners as part of the SOVtBAL project - "Hybrid low-emission autonomous/semi-autonomous vessels for operating hybrid offshore wind farms".

The main goals of the workshops were to work together on the concept of the regular project using the capacities and experience of the workshops attendants, and to build and strengthen future partnerships that would allow for effective and efficient implementation of a regular project based on cross-border cooperation of all project stakeholders (internal and external). Moreover, it was intended to communicate with the project stakeholders and strengthen the relationship with them. 

The first day of the event was attended by fifty-seven representatives of the Triple Helix Model, i.e.: academia, business and local/regional authorities. It was an open day for all the project stakeholders interested in the regular project field, during which seventeen presentations were presented within three separate panels:
  • Panel 1: SOVtBAL project; 
  • Panel 2: Offshore wind farms and semi-autonomous vessels to operate them; 
  • Panel 3: Hybrid (hydrogen) propulsion of ships. 
Considering the fact that it was a cross-border event, the presenters were experts in a given field from different countries. In addition to presentations, workshop participants have the opportunity to integrate and network.

The first day of the workshops was followed by an official dinner during which the invited guests had a chance to further discuss the matters introduced in the presentations, future regular project, and to create network connections, that would build a strong cross-border partnership.

The second day of the workshop was also a success. Despite the registration of a small number of people on the second day, as many as 30 stakeholders took part in it. It began with the presentation of the South Baltic Programme and its requirements regarding the regular project in the new financial perspective. After that participants were working closely on the regular project, i.e.: 
  • defining and agreeing on the scope of the main project, 
  • composition of the partnership broken down by representatives of a given country and various institutions, 
  • creating working groups in defined areas/work packages, 
  • initial structure of the concept note, 
  • approaches and methods to be used in a regular project in order to ensure compliance with the later work processes,  
  • the screening of the each region: outcome, process, capacities and strengths, 
  • division of responsibilities by each partner. 

Summing up, the two-day SOVtBAL Cross-Border Workshops turned out to be a great success. Over eighty participants, seventeen presentations, interesting discussion and Q&A session after each panel, lively discussion translated into an increased awareness of the future project and its partnership among the representatives of Polish, Lithuanian, German and Swedish representatives of universities, business, local/regional authorities, and also business environment institutions. Moreover, all the assumed goals of the event were achieved, as a joint concept of the new project was developed and a cross-border project partnership was established.

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A seed money project  implemented under the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020, Priority axis 2 - Exploiting the environmental and cultural potential of the South Baltic area for the blue and green growth Objective 3 - Improve the quality and environmental sustainability of transport services in the South Baltic area.

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